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Andy Warhol Gould Jon. He was likewise the director of american university’s justice dept and criminal equity. Andy warhol [saturday, february 4, 1984]:

'The Andy Warhol Diaries' reveals artist's secret love from

On september 18, 1986, jon gould died at the age of 33. Andy warhol had broken up with his partner jed johnson and soon after this began showing his inclination towards jon gould. What was the cause of jon gould’s death?

Jon Seemed To Have Two Personalities, Two Styles, Two Lives:

John gould was the dean of the school of criminology and criminal justice and a distinguished professor. Available for sale from gallery art, andy warhol, untitled ( jon gould) (1982), graphite drawing on paper, 31 1/4 × 23 1/4 in This is to inform you that jon gould is no more as he passed away recently.

On September 18, 1986, Jon Gould Died At The Age Of 33.

Jed johnson jed johnson, aged 47, was an american interior. In an editor's note in the andy warhol diaries by pat hackett, she quoted an unnamed source who said he had died after an extended illness. The loss of life information of jon gould andy warhol has saddened your complete nation.

And There Was Something Else About Jon Gould That Drew Andy Toward Him:

Jon gould and andy warhol met in 1980. He was a renowned person of his country as he was the chairman of the department of justice, law, and criminology at american university and he was also the founding director of washington institute public affairs. Preceding that, he was the fellow benefactor and overseer of the washington institute of public affairs.

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Jon Gould Is Certainly The Most Prominent Individuals The Diary.

Who was jon gould andy warhol and what was his cause of death?: Jon gould and jed johnson are metioned in netflix's andy warhol diaries. It’ll center around warhol’s existence.

Artist, Andy Warhol, Famously Loved Two Men During His Lifetime.

In countless sheets, gould shamelessly flaunts a speedo—a surprising number given warhol’s aversion to. Jon gould was an executive in the popular american film distribution company paramount communications. According to bob colacello, warhol spent a good deal of time and effort winning over jon’s affection,.

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