Genshin Impact Review Bombed

Genshin Impact Review Bombed. Genshin impact is being review bombed following growing frustrations from the community over the game's treatment. Genshin impact is being review bombed by players on mobile storefronts due to frustrations over the game's free anniversary rewards.

Genshin Impact The Review Bombing For The Anniversary from

But it's frustrating to have so many items in the game be essentially unobtainable for me. Genshin impact getting review bombed after the 1st anniversary fiasco. The mobile version of the game has been review bombed on the google play store.

The Problem For Me Is That Genshin, Outside Of Being A Gacha Game, Is Really Fucking Good.

The anniversary event is the main reason for that backlash from users that’s the reason with this review as being a disaster. Why was the genshin impact review bombed? This commemoration occasion is the primary purpose for this client backfire which has prompted this survey bombarding.

I'd Be Happt To Have All Chars And Gear Be Earnable With Cosmetic Mtx As The Income.

Genshin impact’s anniversary & mihoyo As of this writing, genshin impact’s play store rating is now sitting at an unbelievable 1.9 out of 5, a steep decline from the game’s original 4.6 score before today’s backlash movement. The mobile version of the game has been review bombed on the google play store.

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Genshin Impact's Review On Google Play Store Is Currently Tanking.

Genshin impact rating drops from 4.6 to 3.9 after fans review bomb it following anniversary rewards debate outraged fans review bomb genshin impact on the play store (image via genshin impact and. Why was the genshin impact review bombed? No doubt that'd be doable.

Genshin Impact Getting Review Bombed After The 1St Anniversary Fiasco.

Customers usually flood applications with negative reviews as a sort of counter. Genshin impact as of late made a time of its effective run, and mihoyo coordinated a commemoration occasion. Log in or sign up to leave a comment.

To Express Its Disappointment, The Genshin Impact Community Appears To Have Review Bombed The Title On The Google Play Store.

Genshin impact is getting destroyed!! Genshin impact’s review rating has dropped drastically as players bomb it with bad reviews for its lackluster anniversary celebration. The backlash has spread to genshin impact's mobile reviews, where players are review bombing it, and its official discord servers.

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