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Hitpiece Nft. Each hitpiece nft is a one of one nft for each unique song recording, said the hitpiece website. (spotify didn’t but reply to request for remark).

Who’s Behind ‘Scam’ Music NFT Website HitPiece? World from

A controversial nft marketplace has drawn the ire of many in the music industry and creator economy at large. A website known as hitpiece,. The riaa, representing us record companies, has upped the legal pressure on hitpiece, describing it as an “nft scam site,” by issuing a letter to its attorneys and founders.

Moreover, They Joined That Through Making ‘Hitlist’ The Stage, […]

Hitpiece wouldn’t even need to use an artist’s music to infringe on their likeness: Nft site hitpiece prompts outrage for allegedly unauthorized listings of songs the website caused a social media firestorm in the music community. [riaa condemns “scam site” hitpiece in savage legal missive] there have been a few stirrings from the people behind controversial nft startup hitpiece, reeling after the company took down their site with thousands upon thousands of unauthorized nft auction listings of music tracks.

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Furthermore, The Reports Stripped That Hitpiece Articulates To Sell Solitary And Uncommon Nfts For Each Sound Recording.

The company is attempting to auction off nfts of music from disney, john lennon and more. The website hitpiece has come under fire for listing entire albums for sale as nfts without the artist's knowledge or permission. Depicting the nft during the evaluation, we have seen that its real size isn’t working now;

Each Hitpiece Nft Is A One Of One Nft For Each Unique Song Recording.

(spotify didn’t but reply to request for remark). Why is it streaming online? “whilst nft’s may not be the answer (and hitpiece will likely become a byline in a wikipedia entry) — it could be a great opportunity for the shakedown in thinking when building sustainable careers for artists and reviewing the touring & streaming models that have precariously positioned the lives of many independent artists,” he added, referring to.

A New Nft Platform Called Hitpiece Has Caught Heat From A Number Of Musicians — Largely Indie Bands — For Selling Nfts Of Their Music Without Permission.

Hitpiece was built atop spotify’s api, essentially scraping the streaming service with the intent of creating an nft for every song, according to. The latest tweets from @joinhitpiece “if an nft does not include an actual music file, but uses artwork from one of the artist’s albums.

The Riaa, Representing Us Record Companies, Has Upped The Legal Pressure On Hitpiece, Describing It As An “Nft Scam Site,” By Issuing A Letter To Its Attorneys And Founders.

A new music nft marketplace called hitpiece went live yesterday, quickly igniting a social media firestorm. A controversial nft marketplace has drawn the ire of many in the music industry and creator economy at large. A new nft platform called hitpiece has caught heat from a number of musicians — largely indie bands — for selling nfts of their music without permission.

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